Key features:

  • Native mobile application for iOS  and Android
  • Custom design for each platform
  • Integrated Firebase for iOS and Android native solutions for mobile analytics, tracking
  • Push notification integration (Firebase for iOS and Androi native)
  • Adyen’s In-app Checkout SDK integration
  • Google Maps Platform integration in order to connect with GPS coordinates and navigation
  • Flex Translation and Localization Management System integration
  • Rendering HTML to PDF

The Business Challenge

weSwapp is a unique mobile application which matches people who are leaving their parking spots with people who want to park their cars in the area of the parking holders. Furthermore, a payment is received when the parking holders swap the spots they are leaving. By bringing out its remarkable expertise and broad experience in native mobile development, Upnetix created an extraordinary way to easily navigate users to the correct parking spots using GPS coordinates and navigation. An important addition to the project was the Firebase integration which provided additional functionalities and facilitated the development process.

The Result

Upnetix developed a high-end native mobile software solution which:

  • Is user-friendly, fast and precise in matching holders and seekers of parking spots
  • Saves users’ time in searching for parking spots
  • Creates reliable and responsive city community
  • Improves day-to-day life of car owners and drivers
  • Contributes to reducing traffic as 30% of all traffic in large cities is a result of drivers looking for parking spots
  • Helps environment as it contributes to reducing discharging of exhaust gas into the athmosphere

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