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GoodFirms Swayed by the Success of Upnetix Through Their Cient - Tailored Solutions

26 Jun 2018

GoodFirms’ research on Upnetix suggests that our company has been delivering extraordinary solutions across various industries.

About Upnetix 


Upnetix is a Bulgaria based software development company. Established in 2015, we ventured with a vision of reshaping industries through innovation and technology. Since then we have progressed persistently focussing on our core values of commitment and excellence. Our team includes like-minded, talented and experienced professionals who aspire to exceed client expectations.


The competitiveness of our company is attributed to our prompt realization of the fact that software development is an area with limitless potential. Following this, we strive to harness it to our level best. Companies of all sizes, medium as well as big, regularly require customized software to meet their business needs. With time and efforts, we have been able to master this field and reached a level good enough to earn them a prospective listing among GoodFirms’ top custom software development companies.


Our services cover the full cycle of custom software development, including business analysis, UI/UX design, prototyping, front-end development, mobile apps development, next-gen enterprise solutions, CMS, cloud deployments, quality assurance, highly scalable distributed systems, and post-project maintenance and support.


Clients of Upnetix JSC


We, at Upnetix, feel pride in having a rich client list that includes Leica Geosystems, Uniper, Bosch Software Innovations, ESL eSports, Ingenique, Comac Medical, ALBtelecom, National Lottery, Prospecto Group, Vbox7, Credo Web, Excitel and Techtour.


GoodFirms’ Research on Upnetix JSC


GoodFirms’ research on Upnetix JSC suggests that our company has been delivering extraordinary solutions across various industries and sectors like healthcare, pharmaceuticals, banking, finance, retail, e-commerce, transportation, logistics, media, broadcasting, telecom, broadband, entertainment, gaming etc. This obviously earns us the experience of various languages, tools, technologies and frameworks.


It is through actual hands-on experience that development companies are able to identify the best frameworks for development, depending on the requirements posed by the project and the clients. For a long time now, Java continues to be among developers’ choice owing to the versatility as well as security it offers. With our experience and awareness of the market needs, we at Upnetix have been able to make our mark in Java based development as well. Our achievements in this area have been recognized by GoodFirms too and have made us eligible for a prestigious listing among the top Java developers at GoodFirms.


We, at Upnetix have been fast to catch up in the field of mobile apps development and are quite successful in achieving their share of the market in Android apps development. After successfully developing seamless apps for different sectors of the industry, we can expect to soon get listed among GoodFirms’ top Android app developers.   


Our team seems to have grasped the formula for success in an ever updating, technology centred market. The image that we have built over the time, combined with our endeavours, will definitely help us enhance our position in the software development sector.


About GoodFirms


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