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Over deliver through DevOps improvements

05 Mar 2018

What are the benefits of DevOpsĀ for business? Faster product delivery, fewer bugs, higher quality products, and improved customer experience are small numbers of advantages that DevOps can provide.

In an age of constant innovations, your products should offer traits such as high quality, great customer experience, speed of delivery, reliability and more value than your competitors.


A few years ago, building a DevOps culture was just an intriguing development approach. Today, it acts as a state-of-the-art method for getting any software application improved and ready for the market faster, with lower costs.


Why DevOps? What are DevOps benefits for business?

DevOps is a combination of practices, cultural understandings, people and tools that allow companies to deliver products with maximum added value at a faster pace.


The primary characteristic of the DevOps movement is to strongly advocate automation and monitoring at every stage of the software development process, from integration, testing and releasing to deployment and infrastructure management. It aims at shorter development cycles, increased deployment frequency, more dependable releases, in close alignment with business objectives.


However, DevOps doesn't focus on tools and techniques. It is the implementation of principles guiding agile development that are about behavior, mindset, and culture which promote closer collaboration between software development teams and software operations.


As a proof of its importance, the recent 2017 State of DevOps Report (a famous survey conducted annually by DORA and Puppet) shows an impressive statistics regarding DevOps benefits. High performing companies that effectively incorporate DevOps achieve:


  • 46 times more frequent code deployments and
  • 96 times faster recovering from failures and downtime.


So, what are the key advantages of DevOps for your business?


  • Faster product delivery and quick response to market


DevOps accelerates the pace of releases and updates so you can improve and innovate your product with a great speed and thus better adapt to changing markets.


If you can release new updates and find and fix eventual bugs faster, you are able to respond your customers’ needs quickly and thus gain competitive advantage.


  • Fewer failures and higher quality products


As you might know, one of the key ways to estimate the quality of a software app is to sum up the number of defects in it. A survey published by CA Technologies shows that building DevOps culture leads to 41% improvement in the defect rate.


  • Better experience for the end-users and customers


Every part of the product should be created to improve performance and customer satisfaction. As DevOps methodology provides faster software updates and deployments, it promotes an early user feedback. All of these lead to a better end-user experience and customer engagement. Additionally, this is a good basis for supporting an early stakeholder engagement.


  • Cost savings


DevOps can reduce costs in multiple aspects - staff costs, quality costs, the price of time and etc. It helps businesses work faster and more profitably.


How can Upnetix over deliver through DevOps improvements?


Upnetix incorporates DevOps best practices and tools in its daily process in order to build an organizational culture that polish collaboration between business, operation and development teams.


This way we can achieve our goals to streamline IT process and deliver more value to the clients through smaller, low-risk deployments, higher product quality, and more innovative services.


Here is how Upnetix offers more value using DevOps benefits:


  • Shorter development cycle that allows faster innovations and less time to market


We deploy new services at a higher speed and increase the frequency of releases, thanks to agile methodology, shorter development cycle and scalable infrastructures. This is crucial when it comes to the ability of companies to innovate faster than their competitors.


  • Fewer deployment failures and less time to recover


Our shorter development cycle boost more frequent code releases. This helps us find code defects easier and cut the number of failures and bugs. Time to recover is also reduced.


  • Reliability and stability through continuous delivery


We use processes like continuous delivery and continuous monitoring to test that each update is safe and functional. Therefore, we can ensure the quality of application updates as well as low-risk releases.


  • Improved communication that leads to increased efficiency


We build a culture that promotes closer and strong collaboration between business, IT operations and development teams. We have established an environment where all team members trust each other, team mates are encouraged to share their opinion, engage more actively with projects, address customer feedback seamlessly and thus innovate more effectively.


In fact, we at Upnetix know that the DevOps benefits go beyond just higher financial results, reduced time to deliver, and fewer bugs. Businesses of all sizes are better able to reach their goals and mission while making employees, end-users, and customers more satisfied, happier and lets them enjoy the related advantages.