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Pixel-perfect design through technology solutions (Zeplin, Sympli, InVision)

10 Apr 2018

Your app design is a key component that users base their first impression on. And, if done correctly, it would not only give them an optimal experience but also could represent your brand effectively and support your business goals.

Your app design is a key component that users base their first impression on. And, if done correctly, it would not only give them an optimal experience but also could represent your brand effectively and support your business goals.


Now, customers imperatively require software that has a clean and stunning look on all screens, loads fast, and works intuitively. In other words, they want a pixel-perfect design that provides functionality and attractiveness.


Creating such app designs surely relies on creativity as well as the ability to adapt the new trends and the latest technologies.


In addition, some best practices for building pixel-perfect front-end solutions can assure high quality of each app design. Let's see the main of them.


  • Focus on the user benefit


Each app design should start with a clear answer to the question "How would it benefit the customers?". This is the first step towards creating outstanding solution able to satisfy user needs.


  • Great collaboration between developers and designers


As developers and designers are the key people who build an app, the collaboration between them should be as seamless and effective as possible. This is where Zeplin, Sympli, and InVision enter the scene.


Those are powerful collaboration tools for front-end developers and UI designers. They are created for facilitation of the whole process of going from design mock-ups such as Photoshop or Sketch to programming code.


Thanks to them, the cooperation between designers and programmers has never been easier. This approach not only saves time and efforts, but also ensures that even complex designs are realized perfectly and thus power a great user experience.


  • Feedback on prototypes


The feedback process is crucial when it comes to achieving a pixel-perfect design. Tools like InVision allow users or team members to share opinions and comment directly on design. This leads to an improved final product.


  • Scaling interface


Scalability across different devices (phones, tablets, and etc.) is one of the crucial challenges among designers. However, scaling interface is an absolutely essential best practice for creating a great looking app.


  • Simple and intuitive interface


The highest praise that users can give to your app is a simple and intuitive design. Your app should provide a simple navigation and an apparent, logical process for visitors to follow. By eliminating the unnecessary complexity and promoting feedback, Zeplin, Sympli, InVision can contribute to achieving simplicity of the app.


How Upnetix creates pixel-perfect design, adopting the latest technology solutions?


Using best practices, adopting cutting-edge technologies, and following new trends are our essential principles at Upnetix. This way we can accomplish our goal of producing interfaces that users can't help, but love.


Here is how Upnetix makes the most of technologies like Zeplin, Sympli, InVision in order to provide functional, clean, and flawless app design:


  • High-quality design through creative collaboration


All of the above three tools allow us to build a smoother and more precise design-to-development process. Zeplin, Sympli, and InVision are all about seamless collaboration between designers and developers that promotes creativity and lead to high-quality front-end solutions.


  • Better user experiences


We use the core InVision capabilities (such as powerful design prototyping, reimagined design ideation, feedback on prototypes) to provide the best possible user experience of your app.


  • Faster time to delivery and focus on performance


Sympli provides automated design handoff and an easy access to all colors, shapes, text and more elements of design. It helps our team (designers, developers, QA) to focus on building better products instead of working on time-consuming details. Finally, it gives our team seamless communication and provides a sure way to delivering products faster, easier, and efficiently.


  • Responsiveness across all devices and channels


We build modern front-end solutions with a pixel-perfect design and optimized user experience across all possible devices and channels. Thus we can support your business needs of having a successful mobility strategy.


At Upnetix, we understand that the app design is the public face of your brand and the frontend conveys the core mission and values of your company.


That's why we do not just create clean, functional, and captivating interfaces but also build solutions that serve your users well enough to stay and to better understand your business benefits.